Buches compressées 100% feuillus de 1040kg


The 100% hardwood compressed logs are the guarantee of dry and compact wood for optimal performance of the heater.
Ideal for stoves and fireplaces and wood inserts, it can be used even in mass stoves.
Packaged on pallets of 104 bags and in packs of 5 logs of 2kg or 1040kg.


Compressed wood logs at the best price

Compressed wood logs are produced only from untreated hardwood sawdust, simply dried, heated and compacted. This makes it possible to gain in compactness and to guarantee an ideal humidity level to heat and release a maximum of heat.

The density of the product is thus more than 1000 kg per m3, i.e. 2.5 times more than traditional wood. Storage is thus facilitated, although it is not possible to store it outside.

The pallets are delivered to the storage location using our marked motorized trolleys.

The 100% hardwood logs are 91mm in diameter and +/- 280mm in length, making it suitable for all heating appliances. Each package contains 5 logs of 2kg, i.e. 10k.


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